Dear Dad,

It has been 20 years since you have died and went to a better place. I think of you often. We still celebrate Daddy Day on the 28th of every month. It is nice to have a day we think about you and connect as a family. Everyone is all grown up now, I think you would be very proud of us.

I wanted to let you know how things are going for me. I work full-time for Peckham Inc as the Customer Service Representative. I am also giving back to SARRC for all that it has helped me with in my life. I am so grateful to them! I am on the SARRC Self-Advocate Advisory Board. SAAB is a group of individuals on the autism spectrum who advise SARRC on issues ranging from programmatic efforts t its vision, mission, and strategic plan. We get to counsel SARRC leadership on ways to ensure that individuals with autism and their interests are represented on behalf of the autism community.

We miss you!

Love you,